Wonder Deck

The Wonder Deck is a random generator that allows you to generate random effects. This particular version is designed for Nuzlockes on Gen VI games. When and how you use it is up to you; I will personally be drawing a card from the deck at the top of every hour and also after every Gym Badge.

Ready to draw a card? Press the button below and you'll draw a card from the Wonder Deck!

Edit Wonder Deck

Want to mix things up in the Wonder Deck? You can edit each of the cards below, or add new cards to the mix! If you make changes, you should scroll down to the bottom and click "Backup Wonder Deck" after making changes, because if you leave or refresh the page, any changes you make will be gone. If you've backed up your deck, you can restore it by clicking "Restore Wonder Deck".

Make sure that you have one card of each rarity.

  Type Name Rarity Pool Effect